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Social CRM ... In Real Life (IRL)

Okay, your Social CRM will be built around technology systems and strategies and can’t truly be brought into the real world without implementing some sort of real-life Robocop situation, which I don’t think any of us want, but there are a lot of things we can learn from the real world that we can bring into our Social Business strategies, so let’s talk about some of those, shall we?

Real Life Lessons For Social CRM

Yes, most of us spend almost all of our time in front of a computer screen and it’s very easy to remember that the people we talk to don’t exist in real life. The same can be true for businesses and their customers, unfortunately. I’ve consulted with many companies that have spent so many years behind the walls and moats of Fort Business that their customers only exist in demographic analyses.

Networking events, trade shows and meetups are great places to get out and learn not only about your colleagues, but also about the real people that make up your audiences. How do they talk? What are their real desires? Why do they like your company in the first place? There’s so much to learn.

Speaking The Same Language

Have you ever watched a grandparent and grandchild try to talk about the current trends or trends they grew up with? It’s almost like watching people speak different languages to each other. A lot of times conversations between businesses and their customers can be like that too. “Hey, I’m having trouble with my ___________, can you help?” “We understand your current situation and appreciate you reaching out, unfortunately our department may not handle issues regarding that specific model, but if you let us know the nature of your problem, we may be able to direct you to the proper person or initiate a response within a reasonable time.” “So, are you able to help me or not?” “Thanks for your loyalty. Be sure to like us on Facebook.”

You would never have these types of conversations face to face with customers, so why would you ever have them online? Get out and talk to your customers, then bring those experiences back to your Social CRM. When you’re confronted with one-on-one communications online, talk to people like people and you’ll find greater success for your sCRM plans.

A Handshake Goes A Long Way

One of the first things that happens when you see someone at an event that you want to meet? Well, most of us walk up to them, wait for a good opportunity, extend our hands and introduce ourselves. After those first steps, it just takes building the relationship. Online, we’ve all heard about “building relationships,” but you can’t forget about that first step of introduction.

How are you introducing yourself to your customers? Are you just expecting them to know about your content? A lot of people use PPC campaigns, or SEO for organic search results improvements or a variety of other options. Whatever your chosen method of introduction, make sure you have factored those steps into your Social CRM process funnel. Know exactly how people are stepping into your system. Maybe your chosen method isn’t as effective as you’d hoped, or maybe the first step doesn’t lead to the final step you’re hoping for.

This post was first written for Social Business News in 2013 so some of the information and vendors may not be around anymore.


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