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What are the top public relations strategies and tactics heading into 2022?

In today's digital ecosystem, it's difficult for brands to execute laser-focused public relations strategies and tactics that make a business impact. One reason is that the B2B buyer is not easy to reach. Secondly, many PR professionals don't have the resources necessary to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Nevertheless, public relations is crucial for enterprise technology companies and B2B brands, regardless of size, vertical, or industry. Here are some of the top public relations strategies and tactics to use in 2022.

Integrate storytelling into all PR programs

Storytelling is one of the most important public relations strategies and tactics because it helps brands connect with their audience emotionally. When a story is captivating and told with relevance, it can connect emotionally with the audience. Good storytelling can lead to them taking action, such as buying a product or service, sharing content, or becoming a brand advocate. Additionally, storytelling can help a brand build trust with its audience, which is extremely important in today's political climate and societal challenges.

Choose the right PR software

Choosing the right software is crucial for any company to execute a successful PR strategy. It would be best to consider numerous factors, such as data capture, reporting, and user-friendly design, to make this decision. In addition, you should ask yourself how often you will be using the software and what type of customer service you need from the software provider. You also want to think about what kinds of reports you will need and which software offers the best analytics tools. Here is a list of the top media monitoring software platforms for consideration.

Use analytics to inform all public relations tactics

Analytics are essential to public relations because they can help PR professionals make data-driven decisions by identifying the top media outlets and most influential journalists. Using analytics, PR professionals can measure their campaigns and strategies and determine what is working and needs improvement. Additionally, analytics can help PR professionals identify critical trends and insights, which can create more effective and relevant campaigns and programs.

Deliver executive thought leadership

Executive thought leadership is vital for PR because it fosters a more direct and human layer to social media storytelling. Thought leaders are experts in their field and industry. They are featured in the media (podcasts, articles, and reports), have strong communities, and are very influential. Additionally, executive thought leadership helps create a human connection between a brand, its customers, and 3rd party influencers by demonstrating that the company is more than just about transactional revenue drivers.

Execute content marketing like a boss

This is not the norm for today's PR professional because it doesn't fall into traditional roles & responsibilities. In this context, content marketing is about writing long-form content on corporate blogs and newsrooms and distributing that content across paid, earned, shared, and owned media channels.

For example, a new B2B technology brand can create long-form content to help establish thought leadership in its industry, which means that the company will be seen as an authority, and this will help open doors to new markets. Additionally, companies that aggressively use content marketing can help push competitors out of the industry by demonstrating that they are more innovative and knowledgeable.

Engage with influencers, not as a PR person would

Influencer engagement is not about treating "influencers" the same way you treat a journalist. It's a lot more than that. An innovative B2B influencer marketing program can help establish thought leadership by producing and sharing relevant content to a very relevant audience. It can also increase brand awareness by creating opportunities for an audience to engage with the influencer and learn about a brand's value proposition. In most cases, influencer engagement is a highly effective public relations strategy and tactic.


The public relations strategies and tactics that are the most effective for B2B companies are varied. These include storytelling, analytics, executive thought leadership, content marketing, and influencer engagement. It is crucial to identify what strategy or tactic will work best with your company's needs so you can start implementing more targeted campaigns in 2022.

Moving forward, it will be necessary for all public relations professionals to use data to inform their decisions. This will help PR professionals measure the success of their campaigns through analytics, so they have a solid understanding of what is working and what isn't. In addition, by using data-driven analysis, PR pros can ensure that they are doing everything necessary to drive revenue and boost the bottom line for their company.